Toro 25 system consists of random copolymer polypropylene pipes (PP-R 100) with high physical and mechanical properties. The EvO pipe series is made of PP-RCT (PP-R 125), with better performance and resistance to high temperature and pressure.

All production is 100% Made in Italy, and the raw material used is certified for the conveyance of fluids intended for human consumption.

These pipes do not corrode, do not chip, and do not shatter; they are environmentally friendly as they are entirely recyclable.

Applications include civil construction (apartments, condominiums, hospitals, schools, etc.), commercial construction (hotels, restaurants, pools, department stores, offices, etc.), industrial construction (technical installations, industries, air conditioning , etc.), and naval construction (shipbuilding, etc.).

Toro 25 pipes range is complete from Ø 20 mm up to Ø 315 mm.