Pluvio dripping hose

Dripping hose made on a low-thickness flexible tube made of top quality polyethylene, with a flat dripper with fast water jets.
Pluvio dripper is patented by ATP and it is inserted and welded during the extrusion phase at prearranged distances. The labyrinth is designed with large internal passages that create a high turbulence to make it self-cleaning.
 Pluvio dripping hose is suitable for irrigation and fertigation of single-season and multi-season crops: 6 – 8 mils for single-season crops; 10 – 12 – 15 – 18 mils for multi-seasonal crops.
We recommend the use of this product in case of spacing from 15 cm.

  • Self-cleaning power (minimum pressure 0,5 bar)
  • High flow rate homogeneity
  • UV resistant
  • High accuracy and drilling technology allow an appropriate drip with any flow rate
  • High tensile strength
  • Easy installation: the the two green lines indicate the correct installation of the hose, which must be always be arranged with the dripper upwards
  • Range variety
  • Saving water and fertilizers, the percentage of use can be
    calculated exactly according to the flow rate of drippers and the length of the strokes of use
  • Low labour costs
  • 100% recyclable


large package h 22 cm | ø 53 cm

for 1500 mt and 2000 mt rolls

medium package h 22 cm | ø 40 cm

for 750 mt, 1000 mt and 1200 mt rolls

GARDEN SERIES: small package h 8 cm | ø 40 cm

for 250 mt rolls

garden series: BRICO PACK h 16 cm | ø 16 cm

for 100 mt rolls

garden series: PLUVIO ROLL h 15 cm | ø 17 cm

for 100 mt rolls