Dripping pipe realized on a cylindrical pipe in polytelene with fast water jets self-compensating, anti-siphon and anti-drain dripping device.
The self-compensating dripper guarantees a perfect flow uniformity thanks to the silicone membrane inserted inside it, that acts as a mechanical brake. The anti-siphon system prevents the suction of earth during the emptying of the pipe, so as to keep the dripper always
The anti-drainage system avoids emissions at the end of the irrigation cycle and reduces the filling time to the next cycle:
the dripper opens and closes at 0.35 bar. When the irrigation system is switched off, the dripper closes and the pipe does not continue to drip while remaining full.
The PC-DRIP ATP AS-DS dripping pipe is ideal for multi-year irrigation systems with sloping soils, sub-irrigation, fertirrigation and crop systems that require maximum flow accuracy.

  • Increases in quantity and quality of production
  • Water and fertilizer saving, which percentage of use can be calculated exactly according to the flow rate of drippers and the rows lenght
  • UV resistant
  • Maximum reliability in surface, sub-irrigation and slope soils
  • High safety against clogging, thanks to the advanced dripper structure
  • Flow rate uniformity over the entire length of the plant even on slopes
  • No earth suction inside the dripper at the end of the irrigation cycle
  • No emptying of the pipe at the end of the irrigation cycle
  • Reduced filling time
  • Low labour costs
  • 100% recyclable