Dripping Hose


Dripping hose made on low-thickness flexible pipe made of  top quality polyethylene, with continuous labyrinth with fast water jets. Pluvio Tape represents the most advanced technological solution in drip irrigation.
The labyrinth is welded during the extrusion phase and the water outlet hole is made with a linear cut that opens when the hose is under pressure and closes at the end of the irrigation cycle, avoiding the entry of foreign particles into the labyrinth. The labyrinth profile is designed to create fast water jets that ensure high flow uniformity and an excellent coefficient of production variation (CV). It is ideal in cases of very close plant sixths, sandy and very draining soils thanks to the presence of drop points with reduced spacing, and light sub-irrigation systems.

We recommend the use of the Pluvio Tape dripping hose in case of very short spacing.

  • Self-cleaning power (minimum pressure 0,3 bar)
  • Excellent flow uniformity
  • UV resistant
  • High accuracy and drilling technology that allow an appropriate drip with any flow rate
  • High resistance to traction
  • Range variety
  • Reduced dispersion of water on sandy soils
  • Easy installation thanks to the green line, that must be always facing up
  • Saving water and fertilizers, the percentage of use can be calculated exactly according to the flow rate of drippers
    and the length of the strokes of use
  • Lower installations and maintenance costs
  • 100% recyclable