Pipes and Fittings

Made in Italy

Advanced Plastic Technologies

The best quality Made in Italy

For over fifty years, we have been manufactoring and designing plastic materials, producing:

  • Polypropylene pipes and fittings for plumbing;
  • Drip irrigation systems for agriculture.

Dedication, Passion,

The constant attention to new market needs,
the speed of distribution
and the efficiency of the service,
make ATP a reliable and safe partner
in over 40 countries around the world.

Lightweight, Reliable,

ATP Respects the Environment

Clean Energy

Over 70% of our production is powered by clean renewable energy


Consumption is constantly monitored to reduce energy usage


All products we produce are 100% recyclable

Low Environmental Impact

All products are made with low-impact raw materials

Energy Efficiency

Our machinery used for the production of our items is highly energy-efficient

ISO 14001 Certification

ATP is certified for its environmental management system and systematically seeks its improvement in a consistent, effective, and sustainable manner