ATP Dripping pipe

Dripping pipe made on cylindrical polyethylene pipe with cylindrical dripper with turbulent flows. The dripper is made with large-section cavities which, by exploiting the turbulence of the flows, reduce the risk of blockages. It is symmetrical, patented and designed to be inseparably welded to the internal wall of the pipe to avoid risks of detachment and breakage. These characteristics make the pipe very resistant to rubbing and crushing on the ground, to mechanical stress during and after installation, and allow the pipe to be rewound and reinstalled using manual and mechanical means. The smooth walls and uniform thickness of the tube minimize pressure losses, allowing the dripper to be cleaned. Ideal for multi-year irrigation systems, gently sloping terrain and light sub-irrigation.
The ATP dripping pipe is available in the Normal version, with two outlet holes, and Double, with four water outlet holes, ideal for sandy soils.

  • Increases in quality and quantity of production thanks to the constant supply of water, calculated according to the needs of the plant
  • Water and fertilizers saving whose percentage can be calculated according to the capacity of the dripping device and to the lenght of the dripping pipe
  • Maximum reliability in surface installations, sub-irrigation and slant fields
  • High safety against blockages and obstructions, thanks to the advanced structure of the dripping device
  • Low labour costs
  • 100% recyclable
  • UV resistant